Wiki-Warriors ... correcting false, anti-Israeli information on Wikipedia and giving Israel credit where it's due.

Patrizia 9 years ago updated by Israelize (head designer at israelize) 8 years ago 19
In a recent seminar, I have heard of from a lawyer who's very  involved in correcting anti-Israeli / Anti-Semitic misinformation on Wikipedia that despite the clear need for this, there's hardly anyone doing it. 


Israel Needs a Laughter Brigade!

Anonymous 9 years ago updated by Joseph Joel Sherman 9 years ago 1

You can give people reasons to LAUGH about Israel, instead of feeling SAD.


Chart: Top Anti-Israel/Anti-Jewish Schools

Sasha 9 years ago updated by Daniel Kuhn 8 years ago 26
The idea, to have a chart listing all anti-Israel/Anti-Jewish school. This includes things like anti-Semitic attacks like scene at a Florida College, and of course Israel Apartheid week. 

Develop an international online "Campaign for Israel"

Amie Bailey 9 years ago updated by alexandra mcqueen 7 years ago 7
Basically make it like an election campaign and campaign for Israel. Have Israel run against other nations in the region. Of course, it would be a "mock campaign" and would employ a good deal of humor.

Candidates on human rights - Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria. then have a chart on where they stand.

More similar mocking typical and familiar political campaigns. I'd love to see a humorous "debate".

Make T-shirts to be worn on campuses

Cath 9 years ago updated by anonymous 3 years ago 15

Israelize t-shirts should be made and be avaliable for sale to campuses around the world. One group could make them and then allow people to order them over the net and ship them or each campus can have a "T-shirt group" to make them in their own neighbourhood. Other things can also be made with the "Isrealize" emblem on it eg hoodies, scarfs etc. On certain days everyone can wear their shirts and post the pictures on the net, creating a "T-shirt awareness day". When poeple see us wearing the t-shirts etc some might ask what they are for, creating a great conversation starter, tell them how awesome Israel is!

I love this idea! What steps do you see we need to take? How would we get the tshirts out?
Also, we want to think of ideas for fundraising for this. How much would it cost to get running.
How much can you figure out? 
Where do you need help?




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